Karen Bassett and Martha Irving star in Mary-Colin Chisholm’s Hook, Line & Sinner, to July 29 at Ship’s Company Theatre, Parrsboro. (Jennifer Harrison)

Sister Vivian Salter is back in action solving crime and cracking up an audience in Mary-Colin Chisholm’s mystery-comedy Hook, Line & Sinner. The third installment in Ship’s Company Theatre’s series, this play is highly entertaining, wonderfully local and warm-hearted with a convivial, village community of old salts, arty new agers, an embittered single mother and various pets. Chisholm’s play is smart and silly, well-crafted, and then produced with lovely details to make it the perfect summer theatre package.

Richie Wilcox tells his story in New Waterford Boy: A Ceilidh

The Cape Breton native and former Canadian Idol competitor tells personal songs and stories in the debut production from Heist, which is part of the Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts.
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Bravo to all. The play is fantastic and tells an important Cumberland story! A must see.

Pamela Hoar

A consummate performance

a brilliant timely play

you must go

Suzanne Burchell

Pugwash powerful combo of the political and the personal

Pugwash, the play now running at Ship’s Company Theatre, is a powerful, poignant story about politics touching personal lives as Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen tells the history of the Pugwash Conferences to prevent nuclear war.
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Continuing Pugwash’s legacy

When the world came to Pugwash

Sixty years later, new ship’s Company play more relevant than ever.

A year ago, Vern Thiessen’s Cold War era play about world scientists coming to Pugwash might not have resonated with its audience.
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Cyrus Eaton tries to save the world in new play, Pugwash

Ship’s Company Theatre presents the world premiere of Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen’s Pugwash, a play about ‘how a small fishing village in rural Nova Scotia changed the world,’ opening Friday and running to July 30 in Parrsboro — just 90 kilometres from Pugwash, where the Thinkers Lodge is open as a museum.
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How the tiny fishing village of Pugwash tried to stop a nuclear war

New play looks at legendary scientific conference 60 years after it took over a Nova Scotia community

In a world reeling from the horrific mass killings of the Second World War, Albert Einstein and British philosopher Bertrand Russell issued a manifesto calling for leading scientists to gather to “appraise the perils” produced by new atomic weapons.

“We are speaking on this occasion, not as members of this or that nation, continent, or creed, but as human beings, members of the species Man, whose continued existence is in doubt,” their 1955 manifesto said.

So where do you meet to thwart the end of the world?

The answer turned out to be a little Nova Scotia fishing village called Pugwash. The story of how the world’s leading scientists descended on Cumberland County in 1957 forms the backdrop to Pugwash, a play making its world premiere at Parrsboro’s Ship’s Company Theatre this month.


On Wednesday, July 5 the play Pugwash opens at the Ship’s Company Theatre in Parrsboro.

Written by Vern Thiessen the synopsis of Pugwash is as follows “In July 1957, the world was rife with post-war wounds and nuclear arms race fears.


Pugwash, by Vern Thiessen, a fictional story based on true events that explore the local impact and global legacy of the Pugwash Conferences on their 60th anniversary. Natasha MacLellan directs Stephen Cross (Cyrus Eaton), Karen Bassett, Ian Leung, Theo Pitsiavas, Gina Thornhill and Henricus Gielis, July 5-30.

Petrina Bromley (who was in By The Dark of The Moon and Our Eliza) is currently in the smash-hit Canadian musical Come From Away on Broadway, which was nominated for 7 Tony Awards.

Gordon White (who was in By The Dark of The Moon and Our Eliza) is currently working at Stratford. See him play Paris in Romeo & Juliet.

Forerunner Playwrights Theatre will be producing Tree Girl by Meghan Hubley. The play received some development support from The Ship in 2015. It stars Keelin Jack, who has taught our theatre camps the last two summers, as well as Ship’s Company alumni Martha Irving and Zac Faye.

Vern Thiessen will be giving a talk on the writing and researching of his play in Pugwash on June 11, 2017 at 3 pm at The Lobster Factory

 Theatre audiences will be able to find Pugwash in Parrsboro this summer. You’re trying to fill the house, but you also want to show people work by different artists. Pugwash, a play by Vern Thiessen, will open Ship’s Company Theatre’s 2017 mainstage season, artistic producer Natasha MacLellan announced last week. The play tells the story of the original Pugwash peace conference, which will mark its 60th anniversary this year. Thiessen was commissioned by the Ensemble Theatre Company of New York to write the play, but Ship’s Company will give it its world premiere in July…

Chasing Champions, lauded play about legendary fighter, gets Halifax remount

Jacob Sampson’s drama about legendary African Nova Scotian boxer Sam Langford opens at Neptune’s Scotiabank Studio Theatre on Thursday. The play has the same cast and crew that won six Merritt Awards for its world premiere in Parrsboro last summer.

Ship’s Company Theatre rolls out mystery and more

Parrsboro troupe offers suspense plays along with soupcons of romance, comedy. Ship’s Company Theatre artistic producer Natasha MacLellan loves mysteries, so this summer in Parrsboro will be a summer of suspense with sprinkles of comedy and romance.