Hook Line & Sinner

By Mary-Colin Chisholm

Directed by Natasha MacLellan

Sister Vivian Salter returns for the final installment of our Mystery Trilogy. Sister Vivian must exonerate her old friend Ken, a successful paleontologist with whom she’s just reconnected. It appears to be an open and shut case; he killed his wife Lucia because he believed she was usurping his accomplishments. In order to exonerate Ken, Sister must find the real killer...could it be his daughter Sophia? Is Sister’s objectivity compromised by the fact she dated Ken before answering her religious calling? Strangely, the mud that captured dying creatures two hundred million years ago, turning their bones to stone on the Fundy cliffs, now holds the clue to a modern murder.


Any Given Moment

by Kim Parkhill

Directed by Natasha MacLellan

A co-production with Theatre New Brunswick

Lisa is an upper middle-class helicopter Mom; Emma is a twenty-something with a severe case of the existential crisis blues; and Bill is an aging homeless man, from the sticks. Three strangers, separated by economic class, life experience and ideology, are thrown together by circumstance - or is it fate? - and forced into a shared experience punctuated by fear, conflict, and revelation. Set in present day, small-town Canada, where ‘nothing happens’ but in today's world, anything could. Kim’s play is an excellent example of global themes in a rural context.


Chasing Champions

By Jacob Sampson

Ship’s Company (Parrsboro, NS) Production in association with Eastern Front Theatre (Halifax, NS)

Nova Scotia’s Sam Langford is considered by many boxing historians to be the greatest fighter who ever lived. So why have so few people heard of him? Chasing Champions is the moving story of Langford’s battles against a hostile culture and the machinations of a sport that repeatedly denied him a shot at the title of world champion.

A man of grace and fortitude, the 5’7” Langford fought from lightweight to heavyweight, beating legendary fighters in each class. He died blind and penniless in Harlem in 1956. Chasing Champions examines the life of this unsung hero – perhaps the greatest athlete never known.




A follow-up to last year’s extraordinarily successful Tribute to the Great Ladies of Country. Norma MacDonald and band return for more of the country classic songs you know and love so well!



Burnwater: Alchemy

Step inside Burnwater: Alchemy, a performance installation at the crossroads of place, memory and the natural world. Weaving together percussion, dance, poetry and the extraordinary iron sound-sculptures of Nova Scotia blacksmith John Little, the audience is immersed in a delightfully imaginative world, suspended in time and place.

A collaboration between Mocean Dance and Hear Here Productions, Burnwater: Alchemy brings the outdoors in to create a spellbinding experience for the audience.

“A reverie of magical sounds and movements. A semi-dream state of beauty and contentment”  – Burnwater Audience Member


Uncle Podger’s Hat

by Mike Hirschbach

Uncle Podger’s Hat is a sophisticated and beautifully structured show that combines Hirschbach’s skills at juggling, unicycling and physical comedy with story.

Children of all ages are delighted by Hirschbach’s ‘tricks' that include playing a saw, conducting and whistling the William Tell Overture, and being kissed by a jack-in-the-box gone nuts - while presented within the gentle, nostalgic context of an adult telling a story about his mentor, his crazy, eccentric Uncle Podger.

“Hirschbach is at the peak of his powers in this finely crafted piece of work."

-Elissa, Alderney Gate

“The show is a series of anecdotes about Uncle Podger and his wacky ways, brought to life through gentle storytelling and a charming performance. It’s about the ways in which people have great influences on our lives, and not letting go of the wonder that comes from new discoveries. Uncle Podger’s Hat is a show that will delight all ages.”

Michael Lake, The Coast