Uncle Podger’s Hat

by Mike Hirschbach

Uncle Podger’s Hat is a sophisticated and beautifully structured show that combines Hirschbach’s skills at juggling, unicycling and physical comedy with story.

Children of all ages are delighted by Hirschbach’s ‘tricks' that include playing a saw, conducting and whistling the William Tell Overture, and being kissed by a jack-in-the-box gone nuts - while presented within the gentle, nostalgic context of an adult telling a story about his mentor, his crazy, eccentric Uncle Podger.

“Hirschbach is at the peak of his powers in this finely crafted piece of work."

-Elissa, Alderney Gate

“The show is a series of anecdotes about Uncle Podger and his wacky ways, brought to life through gentle storytelling and a charming performance. It’s about the ways in which people have great influences on our lives, and not letting go of the wonder that comes from new discoveries. Uncle Podger’s Hat is a show that will delight all ages.”

Michael Lake, The Coast