Land Acknowledgement

The Ship’s Company Theatre wants to recognize that we are located within Mi’kma’ki, the unceded and ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq people. These territories are covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship”, and these treaties did not deal with the surrender of these lands or their resources but instead recognized Mi’kmaq title and stewardship and established rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship.

Ship’s Company hopes to recognize and honour the intentions of these treaties – as well as the recommendations put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation commission – in our work, in our history, and in the relationships we hold and that we continue to build with all those who call these lands their home.

* A territory or land acknowledgement is an act of tradition or reconciliation that involves the stated recognition of the territories on which you stand, and it is a way to bring an awareness of indigenous presence, rights, and history to everyday life. As a theatre so deeply rooted in the history of these territories and of the people who live here – it’s an important part of our practice.



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We are located in Awokun, Mi’kma’ki, also known as Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, which is on land that is in the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Mi’kmaq people. The Mi’kmaq people have been here on this land for over 11,000 years. In 1752 a treaty was signed between the British and the Mi’kmaq that detailed the sharing of the land and its resources. We know that the rights within this treaty have not been upheld. As descendants of settlers who colonized this land, it is important that we think about our relationship to the land, to Mi’kmaq culture and its people, and how we can make a future where we actually share the land and the resources it gives us. We need to think about how we can move forward to enact a future of respect and generosity. And we need to act immediately, with kindness and compassion. A major step in this process is educating ourselves. Ship’s Company Theatre is on a continuing journey of awareness and education. We encourage you to join us.

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