Land Welcome

Welcome to Taqamiku’jk/Parrsboro the land of the Mi’kmaw people. Taqamiku’jk means A little Crossing place in Mi’kmaq. You may also hear Parrsboro referred to as Awokun or Wo’qn. Wo’qn means spine and refers to a trail that Taqamiku’jk is a part of. This trail cuts through over land towards Nemaluskite’kn or Amherst. In other words, Awokun is not so much a place but a journey from one point to another; a route that connects us.

Fostering connection through storytelling is an integral part of what we do here at the Ship, and we feel so grateful to tell and create stories as unique as this rugged coastline, rich with evolutionary and indigenous history. Whether you are a local or a visitor, we want to invite you to take a moment and consider your connection to the land, the water and the air that we breathe. As a settler organization we recognize that we must continually examine our relationship to our colonial history and the ways it has damaged our relationship to our natural environment. We want to help create a future where we share the land and the gifts that it gives us so we can preserve this beautiful place we call home.

We encourage you to visit the Mi’kmawey Interpretive Trail in Debert, where you can traverse 11,000 years of Mi’kmaw history. The Mi’kmaway Debert Cultural Centre also has a fantastic website which will direct you to more great places to explore in this area. They are in the process of building an interpretive centre, and you can support that project by donating on their website.

The Ship’s Company Theatre is committed to presenting indigenous programming in each season we produce. This year, we are featuring award-winning Mi’kmaw fiddler Morgan Toney as part of our music series and Mi’kmaw playwright Lisa Nasson as a part of our online Shipwright Sessions. Be sure to check them out!

We would like to thank and acknowledge Gerald Gloade, artist, storyteller, educator, and the Program Development Officer for the Mikmawey Debert Cultural Centre, for providing guidance and support in the writing of our Land Welcome.




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