Current Members

Alger, Karen

Amador, Richey & Tina

Bagnall, Roxanne

Beattie, David

Beyers, Bernice

Boyd, Susan

Byers, Ronald & Carol

Byrne, Rev. Tory

Cadman, Bob

Canning, Joyce

Canning, Kerr & Darlene

Capper, Margaret Ann

Carson, Dorothy

Cayford, Jane

Chapman, Holly

Clarke, Mitch & Teda

Clarke, R Allyn

Cleveland, Nancy & Jim

Cormier, Jolene

Crossman, Marlene

Czapalay, Joan

Dean, S.

Donohoe, Howard

Field, Brian & Sandra

Foster, Zena

Fraser, Patricia

Gallagher, Donna & Wendell

Glenn-Copeland, Elizabeth

Graham, Leslie

Gramling, Heidi

Grant, Gary

Grant, Peter & Helen

Greenham, Jill & Terry

Hall, Doug

Harbison, Joan

Hare, Mary

Harrison, Marilyn & Reid

Hartigan, Carl

Heap, Jamie

Hébert, Adrienne & Gord

Hiesberger, Johannes

Hollett, Linda

Howard, Robert

Ingram, Gaby

Ingram, Geoff

Irving, Martha

Jamieson, Frances

Jobb, Joan

Johnson, Steve

Jordan, Robert W.

Kent, Gordon F.

Kossatz, Rena

Laking, Joy Snihur Wyatt

Lantz, Bruce


Lint, Bert

Lusby, Elizabeth

MacDonald, Beryl

MacDonald, Elizabeth J.

MacLaren, Tom & Janet

MacLennan, Rod & Robin

MacPherson, Jim & Gladys

Madore, Sam

Maloney, Regan

Manning, Diane & Leigh

McAloney, Ken

McCartney, Jeff

McCready, Harriet

McCulloch, Bruce

McPhee, Jacqueline & Colin

McPhee, Mary

Middleton, William G.

Mumford, Leslie

Nemetz, Andrea

Norsworthy, Alan

O’Brien, Gisela

O’Hara, Phil

O’Hara, Ward P.

O’Regan, Suzanne & Stephen

Panting, Joan

Paquet, Hilary

Parker, Rick & Donna

Perry, George

Peterkin, Beth

Pettis, Alicia

Porter, Sherry

Powell, Diane

Redmond, Darlene

Roberts, Gerry & Judy

Rose, Eric & Connie Barnes

Rowntree, Rosemary

Rushton, Tory

Russell, Roger

Scott, Murray & Linda

Sears, Linda

Serratos, Carlos

Slipp, Audrey

Smith, Marilyn & Ralph 

St. Peter, Valerie

Stack, Garry & Jane

Stevenson, David

Thibeault, Anthony

Thomas, Mary

Thompson, Martha

Vingoe, Mary

Vissers, Deborah

Wyatt, Jim

Yorke, Margaret

Zielewicz, Laura




The Ship’s Company Theatre wants to recognize that we are located within Mi’kma’ki, the unceded and ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq people. These territories are covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship”, and these treaties did not deal with the surrender of these lands or their resources but instead recognized Mi’kmaq title and stewardship and established rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship.


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