Masstown Market Shipwright Residency

The Masstown Market Shipwright Residency Header image. Calling all East Coast BIPOC Artists: Apply for a month long artist retreat.We at Ship’s Company Theatre recognize that it is an important moment in time to take stock of the organization and ourselves.

How has the company continued to uphold white privilege throughout its existence? It is essential to not only look at what has and has not been done in the past but also to see who presently is involved in the creation of work, the management of the company and the roles of the board.

Or better yet, who is not involved and why? Where does the creative power lie and who has access to its distribution?

The Masstown Market Shipwright Residency is one small step Ship’s Company Theatre is taking presently to take action against the suppression of BIPOC voices, including within our own make-up and history.

Applications are now open, see below for details.


1-800-565-SHOW (7469)


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